NT Planning Scheme Performance Criteria

The Planning Commission has heard feedback that existing NT Planning Scheme development controls for mixed use, medium and high density residential developments may not achieve outcomes expected by the community.

This information paper discusses issues and suggests possible new minimum standards for multiple dwelling and mixed use developments.

This paper particularly focuses on two types of development:

  • mixed use development in Zone C (Commercial); and
  • residential development in Zones MR (Medium Density Residential) and HR (High Density Residential).

The objectives of the suggested standards and options discussed in this paper are to:

  • encourage quality mixed use development that provides amenity for both residents and the broader community;
  • ensure new development considers the development potential of adjacent sites;
  • ensure new development contributes positively to the street; and 
  • encourage infill redevelopment in existing urban areas that will facilitate population growth, housing diversity, sustainability and activation.

Topics covered in this paper are:

  • Building height
  • Dwelling density (Mixed use)
  • Separation distances and building setbacks
  • Building appearance
  • Ground level presentation for commercial
  • Residential Buildings: Ground level units and street interface
  • Safety and landscaping in car parking areas.

If included in the NT Planning Scheme, the standards discussed in this paper would apply to development only in particular Zones across the Territory. 

In particular, the standards would apply to: 

  • commercial and mixed use development in Zone C (Commercial); and
  • residential development in Zones MR (Medium Density Residential) and HR (High Density Residential).

In some locations an Area Plan will apply to a site in these Zones. That Area Plan may then provide variation to the standard controls and/ or further guidelines specific to the location.

The suggested controls described in this paper will not apply to development in Zone CB (Central Business). There are separate controls for that purpose already existing in the Planning Scheme.

What is a mixed-use building?

A building that contains different land uses is known as a ‘mixed use building’.  Mixed use buildings often include residential and commercial uses. 

This is not a new idea and can be mutually beneficial. People living in the building can enjoy easy access to services, while businesses can benefit from an increased number of locals living near and using their services.