Berrimah North Area Plan

In 2013, a discussion paper and consultations led to development of a draft area plan and related studies. The plan was provided to the Minister and the Planning Scheme was amended in late 2014.

Following the release of a discussion paper in June 2013, land use forums were held in August 2013 with residents and stakeholders. 

In October 2013, the Planning Commission determined that due to the impact of further growth on stormwater run-off and flooding, the current land uses for Knuckey and Ironstone Lagoons, the area east of Vanderlin Drive, should be retained. 

The Commission developed an area plan for Berrimah North, the area west of Vanderlin Drive. The locality is strategically placed between the region’s principal activity centres. There are opportunities for commercial and light industrial development, employment and residential expansion adjacent to transport infrastructure. The area plan would also coordinate the delivery of infrastructure as Berrimah North develops.   

To inform the Berrimah North Area Plan, a traffic impact assessment was commissioned to determine access points and assess options for the internal road network. A stormwater strategy to manage surface water drainage was also being developed in partnership with the City of Darwin.  

The Berrimah North Area Plan was introduced to the Planning Scheme in December 2014, at Part 8. Clause 14.1.2.



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