The Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics is the person who makes the final decision about all applications for rezoning, planning scheme amendments and exceptional development permits.

If an application for rezoning, planning scheme amendment or exceptional development is lodged with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, the Planning Commission holds a hearing on the submissions received on behalf of the Minister.

Planning Commission hearings are open to the public.

Before the hearing

The Planning Commission will invite all of the following to the hearing:

  • NT service authorities
  • local government
  • and people who made written submissions about the application.

Before the hearing, a report will be written by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics. The report will give the Planning Commission details of the application and issues that have been raised in submissions.

These reports will be available to download two days before a hearing.

At the hearing

The Chairperson or presiding member will invite the applicant to discuss their application.

People who made a submission about the application, including local government and NT service authorities, will also be invited to speak about their submission.

People speaking at the hearing should address their comments to the Planning Commission, not to the applicant or other people at the hearing.

After the hearing

The Planning Commission gives a report to the Minister about all the issues raised at the hearing and in the submissions, and any other matters that the Planning Commission thinks should be taken into account when the Minister makes a decision about the application.

The Planning Commission does not make any decisions on planning scheme amendments, rezoning or exceptional development permit applications.

Hearing dates and agendas

Hearings are held when needed in:

  • Alice Springs
  • Batchelor
  • Darwin
  • Katherine
  • Litchfield
  • Palmerston
  • and Tennant Creek.

Reports are available two days before a hearing.

Current Planning Commission hearings

Darwin - Thursday 27 September 2018 at 1.30pm

Yellow Room, Level 4, Energy House
18-20 Cavenagh Street, Darwin

Agenda listing (65.0 kb)

  • ITEM 1 - PA2015/0350
    Variation to EDP15/0017 to allow alterations to a 2 x 3 bedroom multiple dwellings in a single storey building in Zone SD (Single Dwelling) to Lot 796 (67) Ryland Road, Town of Nightcliff
  • ITEM 2 - PA2018/0127
    Exceptional Development Permit to allow to allow addition of a second dwelling and subdivision to create two lots less than 760m2 over Lot 8857 (7) Brinkin Terrace, Town of Nightcliff

These reports will be available to download two days before the hearing.

Darwin - Thursday 9 August 2018 at 2:00pm

Yellow Room, Level 4, Energy House
18-20 Cavenagh Street, Darwin

Planning Scheme Amendment application - To introduce provisions for the control of Helicopter Landing Sites (HLS)

Applications on exhibition / open for comment

A list of all planning scheme amendments, rezonings and exceptional development permits that are currently open for comment can be found on https://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/planning/