Coolalinga / Freds Pass Rural Activity Centre


The Planning Commission is starting work on an Area Plan for the Coolalinga/Freds Pass Rural Activity Centre .

This detailed level of land use planning will help maintain the amenity and lifestyle of the rural area by ensuring the provision of adequate services to support growth within the boundaries of the activity centre, while helping to protect the rural area from ad hoc development in the future.

The Area Plan will build on previous work and studies. It will look at current and future land uses, community needs, transport and infrastructure planning, as well as environmental and heritage values.

In developing an area plan for the Coolalinga/Freds Pass Rural Activity Centre, the Northern Territory Planning Commission is pleased to be working alongside the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics to address long term traffic management issues in the locality.

The Department’s traffic management options will help the community to comment on the future of the activity centre and realise the integration of transport and traffic management with future land use planning.

What are Area Plans?

Area Plans provide a detailed framework for land use change, to guide the future use and development of land. There are two main components to an Area Plan. The map shows where opportunities for land use change exist, while the planning principles clarify the vision and requirements that apply to future development in the areas covered by the Area Plan.

Area Plans are included in the NT Planning Scheme and must be considered by the Minister or the Development Consent Authority whenever a rezoning or development is proposed.

Area Plans do not alter existing use rights and land can continue to be used in accordance with the current land-use zone.

Area Plans also do not automatically rezone land. If a landowner wants to develop in accordance with the Area Plan the landowner must first rezone the land by applying to the Minister responsible for administering the Planning Act

Area Plans try to look as far ahead as possible but, in time, they may be reviewed to meet the future needs and aspirations of the community. Any change to an Area Plan is a Planning Scheme Amendment and must follow the process set out in the Planning Act, including public exhibition.

The process to create the Area Plan

The Coolalinga/Freds Pass Rural Activity Centre Area Plan is being developed over three stages. 

Stage 1, happening now, from 8 May to 9 June 2017 includes the release of a discussion paper and first round of up front community consultation.

This stage is an opportunity for you to participate in the planning process by contributing to the development of a vision to meet the future needs for Coolalinga/Freds Pass.

Stages of consultation 

Stage 2 is expected in mid 2017. This stage will include preparing options for a draft Area Plan based on community feedback and other information obtained during stage 1. There will be opportunities for further community consultation at this stage.

Stage 3 is the final stage of the project. The Planning Commission will finalise and recommend the Area Plan and associated documents to the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics for public exhibition as a proposed amendment to the Northern Territory Planning Scheme.

Get involved

Your thoughts, comments questions and feedback in Stage 1 will help us to develop options for a draft Area Plan for Coolalinga/Freds Pass for further consideration in Stage 2.

  • Read the discussion paper (PDF 2.3MB)
  • Find out about the project at community information sessions
  • Come and say hello to us at pop-up stalls around the Coolalinga/Freds Pass area between 8 May and 9 June
  • Write or email us your thoughts

Write to us

Use our contact form or send us an email or letter with your thoughts, questions and feedback on the Coolalinga/Freds Pass  Rural Activity Centre. 

  • Fill in the Contact form
  • Send an email to
  • Write to the Planning Commission at:

    Coolalinga/Freds Pass Rural Activity Centre
    NT Planning Commission
    GPO Box 1680
    DARWIN NT 0810

Come and talk to us

We will be at the following locations for you to find out more and let us know whats important to you.

DateLocation Event 

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May

Freds Pass ReserveFreds Pass Show

Tuesday 16 May 2017
6.00pm - 8.00pm

Coolalinga CentralInformation Session

Wednesday 17 May 2017
3.00pm  - 6.00pm

Coolalinga Woolworths

 Pop-up Information Stall 

Thursday 18 May
12.00pm  - 5.30pm

Coolalinga CentralPop-up Information Stall 
Saturday 20 May 2017
10.00am - 12.00pm
Coolalinga CentralInformation Session
Saturday 20 May 2017
8.00am - 1.00pm
Freds Pass Farmers Market Pop-up Information Stall 
Tuesday 23 May 2017
3.00pm - 6.00pm 
Coolalinga WoolworthsPop-up Information Stall 
Wednesday 24 May 2017
9.30am - 6.00pm 
Coolalinga CentralPop-up Information Stall 
Thursday 25 May 2017
6.00pm - 8.00pm 
Coolalinga CentralInformation Session
Saturday 27 May 2017
9.00am - 12.00pm 
Taminmin High SchoolCommunity Workshop

Contact Us to register your interest in this event
Saturday 3 June 2017
9.00am - 12.00pm 

 Taminmin High School

Community Workshop

Contact Us to register your interest in this event 

Tuesday 6 June 2017
3.00pm - 6.00pm 
Coolalinga WoolworthsPop-up Information Stall


Resources and reading material

Stage 1 

Background Resources