Holtze Area Plan

Holtze Area Plan 

This looks at land use and future infrastructure needs in areas adjacent to the future Palmerston Regional Hospital.

Consultations were completed August 2015, following community consultations and the provision of a draft plan to the Minister.

The locality of Holtze has been identified in the Darwin Regional Land Use Plan 2015 as suitable for future urban and peri-urban development.  With planning for the Palmerston Regional Hospital well underway, it is timely to consider the proposed land uses for the area adjacent to the hospital in more detail.

For this reason, and to provide certainty for future infrastructure needs in the area, the NT Planning Commission has consulted with the community on a draft Area Plan and proposed Planning Principles for the area.  

The draft plan includes the land identified for the Regional Hospital, and a proposed medical precinct to support the hospital.  It also proposes where commercial and residential land will be located to support the hospital and medical precinct.

More information about the draft plan and principles is available at the links below. 



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