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The Northern Territory Planning Commission has commenced Stage Two of community consultation on a draft Area Plan for Central Palmerston.

Developing an Area Plan needs stakeholder involvement—it’s your City Centre!

This is an opportunity to build on the vision expressed by community in Stage One of consultation and to provide long-term guidance for land use and development in both residential and commercial land in Central Palmerston. The Palmerston community are being asked to have a say on planning for important land uses in Central Palmerston, including the three focus areas.

What are Area Plans?

Area Plans are land use and development policies within the Northern Territory Planning Scheme which guide the future use and development of land and provide a detailed framework for land use change. These plans contain planning principles and objectives to give the community, industry, and decision-makers confidence and understanding about potential land uses.

Area Plans are included in the NT Planning Scheme and must be considered by the Minister or the Development Consent Authority whenever a rezoning or development is proposed. Area Plans do not alter existing use rights and land can continue to be used in accordance with the current land use zone.

Area Plans do not automatically rezone land. If a landowner wants to develop in accordance with the Area Plan, the landowner must first rezone the land by applying to the Minister responsible for administering the Planning Act 1999.

Area Plans try to look as far ahead as possible but, in time, they may be reviewed to meet the future needs and aspirations of the community. Any change to an Area Plan is a Planning Scheme Amendment and must follow the process set out in the Planning Act 1999, including public exhibition.

The draft Central Palmerston Area Plan

Palmerston is now the fastest growing city in the Northern Territory, and quickly becoming established as a family-focused, dynamic and multicultural regional hub.

The NT Planning Commission has prepared the draft Central Palmerston Area Plan PDF (23.0 MB) as a framework to guide growth and development in this area over the next 50 years.

The draft Central Palmerston Area Plan builds on the overarching direction provided by the Darwin Regional Land Use Plan 2015.

The draft Area Plan is supported by a draft Needs Assessment document PDF (8.3 MB), which is informed by studies that were undertaken during Stage One.

The intention of the Needs Assessment is to sit within the background documents section of the NT Planning Scheme. It is recommend that where there are questions about interpretation or policy position of the draft Area Plan that the Needs Assessment is utilised as a reference.

The Area Planning process

The Central Palmerston Area Plan is being developed over three stages.

Stage One occurred from 22 July 2019 through to 30 August 2019 and included the release of a discussion paper and community consultation.

Stage Two is happening now until Friday 7 August 2020 and includes the release of the Draft Central Palmerston Area Plan  PDF (23.0 MB)and the Draft Needs Assessments PDF (8.3 MB) for consultation.

Central Palmerston Area Plan development process - highlighting Stage Two "Preparation of the draft Central Palmerston Area Plan. Community consultation on the draft Central Palmerston Area Plan "Stage Three is the final stage of the project. The Planning Commission will finalise and recommend the Area Plan and associated documents to the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics for public exhibition as a proposed amendment to the Northern Territory Planning Scheme.

Get involved - Have Your Say

Developing an Area Plan needs your involvement—it’s your City Centre!

Your thoughts, comments, questions and feedback will be considered by the Planning Commission as it works to develop the Central Palmerston Area Plan.

All feedback received will help us develop the final Area Plan, so

  • come and talk to us at the pop-up stalls during the next few weeks.
  • head over to haveyoursay.nt.gov.au to complete a survey.
  • or write to us with your thoughts about the future of Central Palmerston.
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Come and talk to us

We will be at the following locations for you to find out more and let us know what is important to you.


Saturday 27 June
9.00am to 2.00pm

Gateway Shopping Centre

Pop-up Stall

Friday 3 July
11.00am to 2.00pm

Palmerston Shopping Centre

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Friday 3 July
4pm onwards

Palmerston Markets

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Thursday 16 July
11.00am to 2.00pm

Oasis Shopping Centre

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Friday 17 July
4pm onwards

Palmerston Markets

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Write to us

Use our contact form or send us an email or letter with your thoughts about the future of the Central Palmerston area

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