Humpty Doo Rural Activity Centre


Stage 2 consultation for the Humpty Doo Rural Activity Centre Area Plan occurred from 25 October 2018.

The Planning Commission spoke to local land owners, residents and businesses to help prepare an Area Plan for the Humpty Doo Rural Activity Centre.

Creating an Area Plan follows the inclusion of the Litchfield Subregional Land Use Plan in the NT Planning Scheme in July 2016. The Subregional Land Use Plan introduced land use concept plans for Litchfield’s Rural Activity Centres, including Humpty Doo. Whilst the land use concept plan for Humpty Doo in the Subregional Plan provides a high level vision for the locality, the Area Plan will provide a decision making framework to inform future rezoning and development decisions.

Our focus on planning in the Activity Centre will help maintain the amenity and lifestyle of the rural area, ensuring there are reticulated services available to the growing population, and help protect the rural area from ribbon development.

The additional guidance from an Area Plan will give certainty and confidence to all stakeholders, including current and future residents, landowners and investors, service providers and government agencies, to help us plan for the future.

Area Plans do not automatically rezone land. Any applications for rezoning must be made through the Minister responsible for administrating the Planning Act.

What are Area Plans?

Area Plans provide a detailed framework for land use change, to guide the future use and development of land. There are two main components to an Area Plan. The map shows where opportunities for land use change exist, while the planning principles clarify the vision and requirements that apply to future development in the areas covered by the Area Plan.

Area Plans are included in the NT Planning Scheme and must be considered by the Minister or the Development Consent Authority whenever a rezoning or development is proposed.

Area Plans do not alter existing use rights and land can continue to be used in accordance with the current land-use zone.

Area Plans also do not automatically rezone land. If a landowner wants to develop in accordance with the Area Plan the landowner must first rezone the land by applying to the Minister responsible for administering the Planning Act 1999.

Area Plans try to look as far ahead as possible but, in time, they may be reviewed to meet the future needs and aspirations of the community. Any change to an Area Plan is a Planning Scheme Amendment and must follow the process set out in the Planning Act 1999, including public exhibition.

The Area Planing process

The Humpty Doo Rural Activity Centre Area Plan is being developed over three stages.

Stage Two,occurred from 25 October 2018 and included the release of the draft Area Plan PDF (4.5 MB).

The draft Area Plan PDF (4.5 MB) has been prepared taking into account the community feedback and background investigation from Stage 1 which occurred in February and March 2018.

Humpty Doo Area Plan development stages image - Stage 2 of 3 highlighted - Preparation of a Draft Area Plan and Community Consultation

Stage Three is the final stage of the project.  The Planning Commission will finalise and recommend the Area Plan and associated documents to the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics for public exhibition as a proposed amendment to the Northern Territory Planning Scheme.