Designing Better

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About the Designing Better project

The Designing Better project is a suite of suggestions by the Northern Territory Planning Commission that specifically relates to apartment and mixed use buildings.

The project applies to:

  • Zone MR (Medium Density Residential);
  • Zone HR (High Density Residential);
  • Zone CB (Central Business); and
  • Zone C (Commercial)

Designing Better is Territory-wide in scope and seeks to encourage and enable residential apartment and mixed use buildings in the Northern Territory to:

  • respond to context and celebrate local and regional differences;
  • respond to climate and contribute to the Territory’s built form character;
  • embrace Innovation through flexible, best practice design solutions; and
  • make great places that provide meaningful, vibrant and liveable spaces for people.

This project draws upon feedback received from the community and industry through other projects and targets a number of key design elements for improvement.

The Designing Better project will ultimately inform revised development requirements in the Northern Territory Planning Scheme and be complemented by the locality-specific guidance of Area Plans.


Stage One

Stage One consultation was undertaken by the Planning Commission from 7 February 2020 through to 6 March 2020 and was broken up as follows:

  • Stage 1a  - Select Industry Sounding Engagement
  • Stage 1b - Industry Sounding
  • Stage 1c - Broad Community Engagement

This was an opportunity for industry and community to get involved in the process, share ideas about the project and tell us what should be included in the next step.

Read the Stage One Consultation Report PDF (14.4 MB).

Stage Two

The next step is to assess the responses received to assist in preparing a suite of potential planning scheme amendments, which once complete, will provide another opportunity for feedback before possible inclusion in the NT Planning Scheme.